Football Stars Cars

What do a lot of football sports stars who are cashed up spend their money on?

The answer is simple, their partners, their family, investments and some rather special toys. Naturally, we are going to focus on the ‘toys’, specifically the cars.

The ‘toys’ range from Maserati’s to Lamborghini’s, Mercedes-Benz’s to Porsche’s. Sports stars who are at the top of their game, who have worked hard for their money, who can afford to buy at the big end generally pick from the most exclusive and prestigious cars on the market.

Whilst a few of the football stars will be showcasing their skills at the world cup this year, off the field, here is what a few of them ride around in:

Neymar da Silva junior…

…who is a Brazillian striker, rides around in a 419kW Porsche Panamera, a veritable supercar that can achieve 100m/hr in under 5 seconds. The surprising thing about achieving this speed is that this car is a 4-door 4-wheel drive, allowing for space, comfort and a surprising amout of speed given its size.

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

Other famous sports stars who are converts of the Panamera are Steven Pienaar from Everton, Thomas Vermaelen of Arsenal, Daniel Sturridge from Liverpool, Vincent Kompany, Samir Nasri both from Man City and Guly Do Prado from Southampton. The Panamera is not the only Porsche model being driven around by the stars of football, as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo also has a strong fan base. This magnificent ride is the ceiling of luxurious SUV’s. Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, both from Manchester United have the turbo, which delivers 405W of beast and can handle any terrain. Despite the size, it can achieve 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 173mph. Other drivers include Scott Parker from Fullham, Steve Gerrard, Kolo Toure both from Liverpool and Tom Cleverley, Patrice Evra, Robin van Persie and Chriss Smalling, all from Manchester United.

Luis Suarez…

…the infamous striker has had a very big year on the field, and when he is not scoring goals, he is driving around in a Range Rover Sport. This is a very popular SUV amongst other football players such as Darren Bent from Aston Villa, Danny Rose from Tottenham Hotspur and Jon Obi Mikel and John Terry, both from Tottenham Hotspur.

Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport

Another footballer who loves his Rover is Wayne Rooney from Manchester United. Wayne has personalized his Rover by including bespoke 22-inch wheels engraved with his jersey number. The top speed of the Sports Rover is 140mph and power at 385bhp. 60mph can be achieved in 7.2 seconds.

Mile Jedinak…

…Australia’s Socceroos Captain, fancies the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG which is a contemporary coupe classic. This beauty features 336kW of raw power, and if you will pardon the quip, this car is seen to be a more dynamic and athletic car than its predecessors.

Lamborginis seem to be the pick of the bunch for many sports stars.

Cristiano Ronaldo…

…one of the worlds’ most famous football players to grace the field, naturally drives one of the fastest cars on the planet.

Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador

His choice of wheels is a satin black Lamborghini Aventador, which is capable of getting from 0-60mph in just under 2.9 seconds. Other footballers behind a Lamborghini steering wheel are Gabriel Agbonlahor from Aston Villa, Tim Cahill from New York Red Bulls, Ashley Cole from Chelsea and Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, David de Gea, Luis Nani and Wayne Rooney (one of his many cars) all from Manchester United, who drive the Lamborghini Gallardo, so named after a fighting bull.

Lionel Messi,

…the Barcelona striker, is a Maserati fan, a Gran Turismo MC Stradake to be specific. As a limited production car, this was first shown at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and has 460hp V8 under the hood. It is a beautiful car to look at, 110kg lighter and more aerodynamic than any previous GranTurismo model. Given Messi’s mastery on the field, it is no surprise that he has chosen a car that is a road-legal super sports car.

A futuristic looking car is the Aston Martin DB9, at a top speed of 190mph, going from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds, this car has been a very popular choice amongst Chelsea players.

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9

Frank Lampard, Juan Mata and Fernando Torres…

are lucky enough to park this car in the garage. Stoke City’s Peter Crouch and Matthew Etherington are owners along with Jake Livermore from Tottenham Hotspur and Gareth Barry from Everton. Wayne Rooney use to own one of these, which he personalized as WAZ 8 however he crashed his back in 2007. In fact, Rooney has had a wave of bad luck with his driving, in 2006 he crashed a Range Rover, 6 months earlier he had an accident in his BMW and prior to that, he hit a truck whilst driving his Cadillac Escalade.

One of the classic choices of cars amongst those at the top of their game, is the Ferrari. To start, the Ferrari 458 is the car of choice for Arsenal stars such as

…Mesut Ozil, Mathiue Flamini, Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere.

Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458

Top speed is 202mph and 0-60mh can be done in under 3.4 seconds, fast! It would seem a natural choice for…

Mario Balatelli

…from Italy to drive a F12 Ferrari Berlinetta. This is one of the fastest cars on the market. He also has a black Ferrari California convertible. Cristiano Ronaldo use to drive a Ferrari 599 but crashed it in 2009.

Last but not least, the Audi R8, a fine sleek looking car has a super 6-speed gearbox, which means it can make some noise. Top speed is 186mph and if you put your foot down, you will be at 60mph in under 4.0 seconds.

 Chelsea’s Petr Cech, Tom Cleverley from Manchester United, Andriy Shevchenko from the Ukraine and Arsenal boys Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey drive the R8.

Audi R8

Audi R8