Nissan e-NV200 Concept – Review

Nissan e-NV200 ConceptThe Japanese multinational automobile giant, Nissan has taken a step into modern electric car technology with its latest Van e-NV200 which is 100% electrical and is scheduled to be presented to car lovers in 2014. Nissan has been working on this fuel efficient, environmental friendly car since early 2011 and its making is now in the final development stage. Nissan’s new innovation has caught the attention worldwide due to its peculiar features such as ‘zero emissions’ and fully electronic technology. The car will be available for approximately $30,000.


The eco-friendly delivery van is propelled by an 80kW electric motor which delivers a reasonable 108bhp and generates approximately 207lb per feet of torque. The electronic motor is powered by stored lithium batteries, which rest underneath the floor. The engine is capable of pulling the e-NV200 to an estimated speed of about 90 miles per hour which is good for a delivery van. It can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in a matter of about 13 seconds, and the acceleration is smooth and energetic, making the driving experience unlike any other van available in the market. The e-NV200 comes with a single-speed automatic transmission geared into the front wheels, which offers a front wheel drive experience. The only thing of concern in the performance department is the range of the van, which is claimed to be 100 miles. While the 100 miles claim remains to be tested, many experts feel that it should not be a problem, as a range of quick charge stations are available. Nissan advocates that 80% of the lithium batteries can be charged easily in 30 minutes.


‘Do your part for the planet, and look good while doing it’.

As part of their ‘efficient’ concept, Nissan has redesigned the headlights to integrate LED accents which consume minimum electricity. The e-NV200 might be efficient in fuel and cost, but Nissan has spared no expense or attention to designing its exterior. The Van has sporty front grill with smooth edges leading to sharp sides which make it both attractive and streamlined. The blue-tinted Nissan bonnet badge hides the charging socket. The car can be easily accessed using 2 front doors and two sliding back doors. The only thing that is missing from the outside is a tailpipe, which of course is not needed due to zero emissions of the eco-friendly van.


The Japanese motor company has brought both comfort and design into the e-NV200. An abundance of window space means that there is plenty of light coming into the van at all time to make things bright. Facilities such as Air Conditioning and Satellite Navigation have been extended to add to the driving experience. Furthermore, traditional gauges have been replaced with modern blue EV meter which appears to be futuristic. A fairly large touch screen monitor has also been integrated into the dashboard for navigation, battery level, mileage and range. The seating is spacious and comfortable; the front seat has a carrying capacity of 3 people while a second seating range installed behind the front seat facing the rear, accommodates 2 people. The rear seats possess folding feature to increase the cargo space when required. The e-NV200 has an impressive cargo space of about 122 cubic feet while the tall rear door makes it easy to load and unload cargo from the van.

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The Verdict:

The Nissan e-NV200 is a next generation vehicle that promises a lot, but these promises are yet to be delivered. If the e-NV200 is as good as Nissan claims it to be, it just might be the vehicle that catches the eye of several delivery companies and cab firms.

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