2014 Nissan Quest – Review

This is the third generation of the Nissan Quest and one of the very few minivan options available in the market. Some of the minivan competitors out there are: Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey and Chrysler; however, it possesses better driving dynamics than its competitors because of truly high-quality Japanese manufacturing.

2014 Nissan Quest


Performance is the biggest positive of the 2014 Nissan Quest. With a 3.5 liter V-6 to go with variable transmission, this happens to be the only powertrain of Quest. There were complaints of grumbling with previous models of Nissan, but this is surely not the case with the 2014 Quest. In comparison to many other big vehicles, it is quite lively. The steering has also received a very positive feedback from customers. However, the gas mileage is not as good as some other minivans.

Exterior & Interior

The passenger box of Quest’s latest model has a lot of resemblance with the Ford Flex due to an upright stance and many flared lines in front. That resemblance is more evident at its nearly vertical tail and the pillarless greenhouse. However, the minivan is quite elegant and should gain the attention of potential buyers. The interior is not that risky and quite formal. The switches and audio knobs are located at two different locations. It may turn out to be a little irritating for some drivers as many switches are out of sight.

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According to experts, Quest has not used its space quite efficiently. It is a big vehicle and the front seat passengers should enjoy a lot of leg space and head room. However, the sliding doors do not open wide enough, which means that loading larger items may become a touch difficult. Unlike some other minivans, the second-row seats cannot be removed or do not even disappear in the floor if a user folds them. Third-row seats of most minivans fold away to create more cargo space at the back but this is not the case with 2014 Nissan Quest. The manufacturers could have surely made a better use of the available space.

Possible Flaw

The Nissan Quest drives amazingly well; however, there are question marks over the safety and less than satisfactory seating comfort, which is the reason why many potential buyers may opt for other minivan options available these days.

Pricing & Available Models

The pricing of Nissan Quest in the US has remained unchanged from 2013, starting from $25,990. The car is available in four brilliant models and the pricing for each model is:

  • Quest 3.5 S: $25,990
  • Quest 3.5 SV: $29,740
  • Quest 3.5 SL: $33,520
  • Quest 3.5 LE: $42,640


  • Engine: Regular Unleaded V-6, 3.5 L
  • EPA Class: 2WD Minivans
  • Style Name: 4dr S
  • Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive
  • Passenger Capacity: 7
  • Passenger Doors: 4
  • Body Style: Mini-van, Passenger


Drive of the highest quality and excellent performance are without doubt the biggest positives of 2014 Nissan Quest.


  • Space should have been utilized better
  • Safety standards are not the best available in the market these days
  • Some switches on the interior are not in sight of the driver

Areas of Improvement

Features and safety are definitely the areas of improvement for 2014 Nissan Quest. The front and side impacts have got good ratings but safety is not up to the highest standards when it comes to roof crush.


The model offers stability control and the usual airbags, but in order to get essential safety, Bluetooth, etc, a customer will have to spend about $32,000. You may have to spend approximately $40,000 on this minivan to have some valuable options like power side doors and a power tailgate, satellite radio, DVD entertainment system and leather.  Therefore, one can rate this 2014 Nissan Quest as an average car, which is not likely to outclass its competitors.

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