10 Most Safe and Reliable Vehicles for This Year

Most Safest CarSafety has always been one of the major concerns for every buyer when searching for a new vehicle. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has made it easier for you by awarding a total of 39 cars as the safest for the year 2014. While 22 of them were worthy of the Top Safety Pick+ award, the remaining 17 with lower safety levels earned the Top Safety Pick award. The two classes have been segregated keeping in view the intensity of tests involved. The number is lower in comparison to 2013, the reason being the changed criteria of IIHS. They have reviewed and introduced a new crash avoidance test to detect the best performers.

Let’s go through 10 most safest and reliable vehicles as announced by the IIHS.

1. Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda’s Sedan Hybrid gives you a smooth and safe ride. It has an enhanced and responsive handling, redefined braking and a standard camera to give you a better view of those critical angles. Lightweight 15-inch aluminum wheels accompanied with low-rolling-resistance tires  further improve the sedan’s responsiveness to handling. A continuously variable transmission gives you an improved driving experience. The car comes with superior sound proofing to keep the cabin quiet. Dedicated turn signal indicators on the side-view mirrors add to the safety of the vehicle.

Honda Civic Hybrid

2. Toyota Prius

In addition to a super-economical ride, Prius also delivers a secure driving experience. It has stable and safe handling, backed up with a front wheel drive and a CVT automatic transmission system. The car has done well in superseding many in terms of reliability.

Toyota Prius

3. Ford Fusion

Much like its name, Ford Fusion gives you the right blend of speed, agility, handling and comfort. The car not only has the looks but also the feel of a supercar. Premium safety features include: anti-lock brakes with panic brake assist, Advance electronic stability and controls, and eight air bags.

Ford Fusion

4. Subaru Legacy

Equipped with a unique Eye-Sight Driver Assist System, Subaru Legacy ensures maximum security. It tells you when you’re about to switch between lanes, and responds with its innovative pre-collision braking, in case you’re dangerously close to another vehicle. The car also facilitates you with an adaptive cruise control, making the driving experience much safer.

Subaru Legacy

5. Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Yet another spectacle of Mercedes-Benz, the M-Class offers excellent responsive handling. The architecture has been engineered in a way that gives you a steady and flexible driving experience along with a striking towing capacity.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class

6. 2014 Lincoln MKZ

Leading the fleet of its predecessors, the 2014 Lincoln MKZ has a refined and above average handling. With luxurious interior and instantly responsive handling controls, MKZ stands parallel to some of the most powerful European Sedans.


7. Volvo xc60

If you’re looking for a compact SUV class vehicle with speed, agility and safety, the xc60 comes on the top. The best thing about it is its well-managed and stable handling, even at the highest of speeds. The model also encompasses a very comfortable interior.

Volvo xc60

8. Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander is solid looking, midsized SUV, which is not only comfortable from the inside but also safer in terms of handling and transmission. The SUV encompasses a roomy interior, enabling you to attain maximum utility and a solid grip on the road.

Toyota Highlander

9. Acura MDX

The Acura MDX delivers a fuel-efficient driving experience with a new front-wheel drive version. The car comes with a six-speed transmission and smooth handling controls through an all-wheel drive. MDX is among the best SUVs of its class in terms of fuel economy and acceleration. It has a rigid body structure made out of lightweight hot-stamped steel and aluminum, which makes it lightweight and rigid.

Acura MDX

10. Honda Odyssey

With Odyssey’s arrival, Honda proves it to be among the best in terms of quality and comfort. The hauler brings to you the best driving experience, especially if you have kids, as it comes with excellent child accommodation seats. The car’s handling is reactive and steady, whereas the overall controls are quite flexible. The car also provides entertainment along with secure driving through its dual-touch screen infotainment system.

Honda Odyssey

So, there you have it, a list of 10 most safest and reliable cars for the year 2014, which offer the right mix of price, fuel efficiency, handling and comfort. Having the most number of models winning the Top Safety Pick+ award for this year, Honda seems to be among the most reliable automobile manufacturers. However, the brand you choose would depend on your individual preferences.

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