10 Awesome Cool Cars Launched At Recent International Motor Shows

Exciting awesome models ready for launch throughout the European market.

We chose only the most important of them – which are completely new generation models. They will be available for sale or are to be launched later this year. But the big question is,which of them are truly cool cars?

The Super Cool Cars of 2017

Year 2015 promises to be one of transition for the European car market, at least against the many innovations of 2014 in regard to super cars.

Some of the models listed below have been launched last year, but reached new showroom CEs only early this year. Others will be presented later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and will be available only in 2016.

Drum roll….Here are the main new models that deserve our attention. Here are the top cool cars of the year:
1. Alfa Romeo GiuliaAlfa Giulia 2015

Alfa Romeo 159 replacement will most likely be introduced as a concept at Geneva in 2015 and then released version of the series at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn. Possibly entering into sale in early 2016.

It is most definitely part of the cool cars. The name Giulia is just one advanced by the press, because the Alfa Romeo have not yet confirmed.

A quality middle class car such as this one should be able to fight peer with premium German competitors, focusing on design and sportsmanship, as already timeless 159. One possible design is illustrated above, but we will really only see it on display only Geneva 2015 at the earliest! Definitely one among the cool cars out there.

2. Audi A4

2015 Audi A4The new Audi A4 will be built on a new platform, called MLB Evo, and will most likely be presented in Geneva in Spring. As usual, Audi will have an evolution of the current design, such as –

  • reduced weight by about 100 kg compared to the current model,
  • new engines more powerful,
  • more economical hybrid version and
  • an interior mostly already introduced new Q7.

Overall, an ultra-accessorized car, leading on record sales of the latest generation A4. Yes, this also part of the market of cool cars. It is also in the range of ultra sports cars.

3. BMW X1

BMX X1 2015The new generation of BMW X1 promises to adopt more aggressive design of the current Bavarian game, but also to bring a fundamental change of approach. It renounces rear traction and the traction can be adopted with the xDrive option. A lot of people did not know that the X1 is rear-wheel drive. The X1 is definitely in the league of the top cars for 2015… look out for BMW X1.
4. BMW 7 Series

Already caught on the street, the new BMW 7 Series exterior design adopts a rather eclectic and rather pleasing customers in Asia, where it sells extremely well.

The emphasis will be on cutting-edge technology from the inside, as well as driver assistance systems. It seems that we will have driverless automatic parking in the car and a driver interface capable of understanding gestures. The 5 series of BMW were cool enough but the 7 series simply blow away other cool cars. They are amazing. And they are sports cars.

We expect in showrooms in the second half of the year.

5. Dacia Sandero and Logan facelift, possible pick-up of series

The only facelift on this list belongs to those of Dacia, Logan and Sandero.  It’s about time for a facelift for middle of the road cars. It is alsoDacio Sandero possible to introduce the Dacia Duster range a pickup already developed with a partner for special customers, but that would have sufficient attractiveness for many regulars. Definitely worth your time checking these out!

6. Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X has little to do with the little Fiat 500, but is a completely new car in the Italian range. This one is able to address a little more rugged terrain, which makes it a stand out in an unexpected way. For those who want a city car with 4×4 capabilities, the Fiat 500X is a great choice.

7. Ford Mondeo

2015 Ford MondeoThe new Ford Mondeo has been waiting to be launched for a long time in Europe. The US  already released the model nearly two years. Its European launch at the end of 2014 gave us the opportunity to test and to come up with first impressions. It was available in showrooms in January 2015 and it is one of the most important cars for the European market this year. The reason for this is that it is a joy to drive, great maneuverability and it is fuel efficient.


8. Ford Mustang

The new Ford Mustang reached Europe almost one year after the US launch, but already charmed with its displacement engines. Although these may still be a little too big for European budgets. Ford Mustang has a long history of being a car of choice for the discerning driver who wants to drive a part of history, in terms of design. But also, want to make a statement with its high powered engine and grunt behind the wheel.

9. Ford Ka

Know for a smaller, fun car….The Ford Ka. We already know roughly what will be the new Ford Ka, because it will be very close to Ka concept design presented last year. It will be Ford Ka available only in five-door variant, and use of the platform underpinning the current Ford Fiesta is promising to offer quality far superior roadholding on from the previous generation.

With a 1 liter Ford Ka and 80 hp under the hood, it promises to be a fun car to under $10,000.

10. Honda Jazz

The new Jazz benefits from i-VTEC engine of 1.3 liters, an evolution of the previous powerplant, which can be optionally combined with a CVT automatic gearbox, while the manual transmission is also new, with 6-speed instead of only five previous manual gearbox.